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As overwhelming as it’d really feel to create your character and pick your race and class in the beginning of Baldur’s Gate 3, Larian really saved one facet of this course of tucked away from you. As you level up and be taught new talents, you’ll finally unlock what are generally known as Feats. Not like your class expertise, you’re free to select from any Feat within the recreation no matter your class, which provides a completely new layer to the way you construct your character. There are dozens of Feats out there, so even if you happen to take the time to learn by all of them, understanding which one is price your time is troublesome. Somewhat than roll the cube on no matter Feat appears good, listed here are the perfect ones to select in Baldur’s Gate 3.

What are Feats?

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Merely put, Feats are further buffs or bonuses you add to your character, corresponding to stat bonuses, granting a brand new capability, or including perks to weapon sorts. When you’ve unlocked a selected Feat, it would stay in your character till the top of the sport.

How you can get Feats

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Regardless of there being over 40 within the recreation to select from, every character solely will get three alternatives to pick out them. You will get a brand new feat when your class — not your character — reaches levels 4, 8, and 12. At these stage increments, you can be prompted to scroll by the enormous checklist of Feats to pick out one, with solely a choose few having limitations on which you’ll be able to take based mostly on issues like your stats or weapon proficiencies.

Finest Feats to get

Skill Enchancment

This isn’t precisely a Feat just like the others, however extra of a simple possibility that any particular person can decide and be ok with their selection. While you take Skill Enchancment, which is the one Feat you possibly can choose all thrice you’re given a brand new Feat, you possibly can both enhance one capability by 2 factors, or two talents by 1 level every. Talents are at all times capped at 20, so you possibly can’t transcend that utilizing this, however it is a nice solution to easy out your character’s stats, or just focus laborious on one capability to ensure you by no means fail a roll. Due to how versatile that is, with no downsides except you merely select a stat you by no means use, that is the simplest Feat to suggest to everybody.


One other Feat that each class can profit from is being Fortunate. This feat offers your character 3 Fortunate Factors, that are used to provide you a bonus on assault rolls, capability checks, saving throws, or forcing enemies to reroll their assault rolls. As a result of these are factors you will need to spend them, however they do replenish after an extended relaxation. Nonetheless, just like Inspiration, you wish to think twice about when to spend such a invaluable useful resource.

Nice Weapon Grasp

Now for a Feat centered on all you melee lessons on the market, try the Nice Weapon Grasp Feat. How this one works is that every time you land a important hit or kill a goal with a melee weapon, you’ll be able to assault a second time for a bonus motion throughout that flip. Plus, if you happen to’re feeling a bit extra adventurous, you can even toggle on a characteristic the place any assault you do with a heavy weapon offers 10 further harm, however you undergo a -5 assault roll penalty. You’ll must weigh the positives and negatives on that one, however the primary operate can’t be underestimated.


Nothing’s worse than strolling by a dungeon and getting ambushed. If you happen to add the Alert Feat then your character will get a flat +5 bonus to Initiative and be unable to have the Shocked standing. The bonus Initiative nearly ensures your character will get the primary transfer in fight, whereas not with the ability to be Shocked completely ensures that you just gained’t have to sit down the primary spherical out. Rogues are inclined to get probably the most use from this ability however is nice for all lessons.

Dungeon Delver

An amazing Feat to pair with Alert is Dungeon Delver. This time, as a substitute of avoiding ambushes, this Feat helps you keep away from all these nasty traps by supplying you with a Notion test to detect hidden objects and in your saving throws to keep away from or resist them. Even when each fail, this Feat additionally reduces the quantity of injury traps deal so you continue to get one thing even when luck is towards you.

Magic Provoke: (Bard, Cleric, Druid, Sorcerer, Wizard, or Warlock)

This Feat is available in completely different flavors relying on which particular spellcaster you might be. Clearly, you’ll want to decide the one associated to your class, however the basic benefits are the identical. This Feat will let you be taught 2 Cantrips and a level-one spell out of your respective class’s spell checklist. That spell could be forged as soon as per lengthy relaxation, and your spellcasting for every of those new spells can be based mostly in your class’s main stat (Charisma for Bard, Knowledge for Cleric, and so forth.). The extra Cantrips and spells you’ve entry to as these lessons, the higher, so this Feat is already an even bigger energy buff than a traditional stage.


It is a easy Feat, however one other one excellent for tanks and frontline lessons. Including Sturdy offers you +1 to your Structure (except it’s at 20 already) however make it so you possibly can restore all of your HP slightly than simply half once you take a brief relaxation. The one level for Structure is basically the cherry on high of the buff to brief rests. This may prevent untold provides, plus the period of time it can save you with out having to go all the way in which again to camp throughout a quest can actually lower down on your playtime.

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