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The Baldur’s Gate 3 Home of Hope is a serious dungeon within the recreation’s third act. Oddly sufficient, you can miss out on it fully when you do not discover sufficient. Our information discusses what you’ll be able to count on from this area, in addition to the individuals you’ll be able to ally with alongside the way in which. Likewise, please bear in mind that this text comprises spoilers.

Easy methods to Full the Home of Hope in Baldur’s Gate 3

The Baldur’s Gate 3 Home of Hope is Raphael’s area in Avernus. To achieve it, you could full the Helsik Ritual within the Satan’s Payment within the Decrease Metropolis. Take notice which you can’t quick journey again to your camp. You will have to make use of the portal once more so you’ll be able to return to the store. As such, be sure you’re properly ready. As early as now, we recommend bringing spellcasters (or scrolls) that may forged Better Invisibility, Starvation of Hadar, and plenty of radiant magic.

Assembly Hope

Okay, technically, the Baldur’s Gate 3 Home of Hope is the abode of, properly, Hope. She’s been trapped right here as a consequence of Raphael’s schemes, and you may free her later after getting the Orphic Hammer. For now, you could go dialogue checks to ask her just a few questions.

She’ll additionally magically change your garments to match these worn by debtors, the damned who’ve been led to the hells via their pacts with the satan. Whilst you’re disguised as debtors, the NPCs right here will not assault you.

Do not lose hope, Hope.

Exploring the Home of Hope

The Home of Hope is each eerie and wondrous to behold. You will discover the next as you discover:

  • To your proper, there is a portal chamber that results in a number of realms. No, you are not going to journey to Neverwinter, but it surely’s a pleasant reference pertaining to how devils are in a position to journey.
  • The hatch close to the doorway to the portal chamber results in Hope’s jail. Once more, you want the Orphic Hammer to free her, so there’s nothing you are able to do for now.
  • You may’t go via the Mystic Pressure Curtain simply but. Don’t fret about it for now.
  • There’s an Inert Infernal Gem on a wall. Cross the DC10 Knowledge and DC20 Intelligence checks to disclose a hidden room. Inside, you may discover the Helldusk Helmet (very uncommon), and Employees of Spellpower (very uncommon). You will additionally spot Mol’s Contract.
  • Be aware: For many who accepted Raphel’s provide in Deal With the Devil, we have but to substantiate if this is similar hidden room the place you may uncover Tav’s Contract. We didn’t proceed the arc that stemmed from that call.


Left: Portal Chamber; Proper: Hope’s Jail.

The Archive and the Orphic Hammer

Upon reaching the western portion of the Baldur’s Gate 3 Home of Hope dungeon, Hope will let you know concerning the Archivist. Cross the ability checks right here to be taught that the Archivist is afraid of Zariel’s inquisitor, Verillius Receptor. This provides you a dialogue choice to faux because the inquisitor, which suggests the Archivist will not hassle you.

You will additionally see three gadgets right here:

  • Orphic Hammer (legendary) – 4-13 harm; benefit on saving throws towards spells; +3 weapon enchantment; Unshackling Strike motion. Cool down since you will not be capable to seize this simply but. We focus on how one can pull off the heist in a bit.
  • Amulet of Better Well being (very uncommon) – Structure is raised to 23; benefit on Structure saving throws.
  • Gauntlets of Hill Large Energy (very uncommon) – Energy is raised to 23; +1 Energy saving throws. For many who agreed to a bargain with Helsik, that is the merchandise that she needs.

Don’t seize something right here simply but. We have to plan forward as a consequence of all of the wacky stuff that can occur as soon as hostilities begin.


Left: Archivist dialogue; Proper: Orphic Hammer.

Haarlep and the Boudoir

The Archivist provides you with an invite to enter the Boudoir. Now you can go via the Mystic Pressure Curtain. There is a pool that allows you to restore all HP, spell slots, and fees, as if you probably did an extended relaxation. You will additionally meet Haarlep, and incubus. Consider this as the sport’s pseudo Raphael romance.

The information we simply linked has all the small print relating to the totally different outcomes, together with a possible dying. This is a fast abstract:

  • You may let Haarlep take your physique as a disguise, however not your thoughts. The secure’s location is revealed (i.e. it is hidden behind a portray to the left of the mattress). Haarlep additionally offers you the important thing that opens it.
  • Alternatively, you’ll be able to battle again towards Haarlep, which ends up in a battle the place they’re joined by imps. You may then decide up the important thing to the secure.
  • Nevertheless, when you give Haarlep your coronary heart and soul, properly, you may get boned… in additional methods than one.
You need the key from Haarlep.
You want the important thing from Haarlep.

The Escape

Open the secure and skim the notice. It offers you the phrases that you have to recite when interacting with the Baldur’s Gate 3 Orphic Hammer. This is what you have to do subsequent:

  • Earlier than you decide up the Orphic Hammer, forged Better Invisibility on one character and steal the Gauntlets of Hill Large Energy and Amulet of Better Well being.
  • Work together with the Orphic Hammer and reply with: “Give me my coronary heart’s want.”

Now, earlier than heading again exterior the hall, have your celebration members use/forged Better Invisibility on themselves. Then, run like hell to the japanese aspect, the one with the hatch that results in the jail. This could allow you to keep away from the enemies, together with a flaming boulder that is rolling round Raiders of the Misplaced Ark-style.

Indiana Jones and the House of Hope.Indiana Jones and the House of Hope.
Indiana Jones and the Home of Hope.

Easy methods to Rescue Hope

To save lots of Hope in Baldur’s Gate 3, you have to go down the hatch to the jail. You will need to management your celebration members individually, so make certain to ungroup and have them keep hidden. This is the gist:

  • To free Hope from her shackles, you have to destroy the 2 crystals by hitting them with the Orphic Hammer.
  • Each crystals are guarded by Observers (i.e. Beholder monsters). Surprisingly sufficient, the imps flanking them are extra harmful since they’ve Eldritch Blast. The spell can push items away, inflicting them to fall to their doom.
  • Excessive mobility characters or these with top-tier Illithid Powers can use Fly/Misty Step to achieve one crystal. Our Way of the Four Elements Monk fortunately surprised one Beholder, whereas summons and spellcasters picked off the imps.
  • It’s best to be capable to mop up the remaining hostiles, after which destroy the crystals.
Take out the hostiles, while being careful with your team's positioning. After that, you can destroy the crystals.Take out the hostiles, while being careful with your team's positioning. After that, you can destroy the crystals.
Take out the hostiles, whereas being cautious along with your crew’s positioning. After that, you’ll be able to destroy the crystals.

Boss Battle: Easy methods to Beat Raphael

After rescuing Hope, return to the primary space and sprint previous all of the hostiles. Your purpose is to achieve the doorway chamber. Be certain that everyone seems to be there earlier than you work together with the portal, as a result of Raphael will emerge.

He is additionally flanked by Yurgir, the Orthon from the Gauntlet of Shar. In case you go a DC30 Persuasion test, you’ll be able to persuade the Orthon to betray Raphael outta nowhere.

The Orthon hears voices in his head. That's just you passing a Persuasion check to have him as an ally.The Orthon hears voices in his head. That's just you passing a Persuasion check to have him as an ally.
The Orthon hears voices in his head. That is simply you passing a Persuasion test to have him as an ally.

Now, for the Baldur’s Gate 3 Raphael boss battle, be sure you maintain a few backup saves. By default, Raphael has 666 HP. He is additionally extraordinarily arduous to hit (i.e. 10% hit probability or decrease). That is as a result of he is empowered by the 4 Soul Pillars within the corners of the room. The satan can be surrounded by his cohorts, Korilla and several other cambions.

This is what we did throughout our playthrough:

  • The Soul Pillars must be destroyed, and radiant magic is the best technique of doing that.
  • Our suggestion is to group up most enemies through the Black Gap Illithid spell (at the very least two casts from totally different characters).
  • If Yurgir joined you, he’ll do a frontal blast akin to Thunderwave, pushing them additional to the wall. He is additionally fairly robust, and he has poison/life drain assaults.
  • In case you have Wyll, have him forged Starvation of Hadar to debuff and harm your foes. Your different spellcasters ought to proceed demolishing them with AoE magic.
  • Hope has Cleric spells, so maintain her round for therapeutic. Likewise, you’ll be able to forged Divine Intervention: Sunder the Heretical.
  • At 60% HP, Raphael will swap to his satan kind, granting him extra melee swipes. From this level onwards, it is only a battle of attrition. Maintain Raphael debuffed through Starvation of Hadar, and pelt him with spells, radiant harm, and ranged assaults.
The goal in this battle is to keep Raphael cornered, while your squishy glass cannons and healers chill further back.The goal in this battle is to keep Raphael cornered, while your squishy glass cannons and healers chill further back.
The purpose on this battle is to maintain Raphael cornered, whereas your squishy glass cannons and healers chill additional again.

Legendary Rewards

As soon as you have defeated Raphael in Baldur’s Gate 3, you may earn the next rewards:

  • Helldusk Armor – That is looted from Raphael’s corpse. It has 21 AC; the wearer is taken into account proficient on this armor robotically; once you reach a saving throw, the attacker is with burning for 3 turns; resistance to fireside harm/can’t be burned; take 3 much less harm from all sources; Fly spell.
  • Gloves of Soul Catching – That is your reward when you rescued Hope from her jail. It grants 1-10 power harm to your unarmed assaults; restores 10 HP on an unarmed hit as soon as per flip; you’ll be able to forego this therapeutic to achieve a bonus to your subsequent assault roll or saving throw; +2 Structure (as much as 20).
  • Collect Your Allies: Yurgir – The Orthon offers you the sting within the remaining battle; really a Rated RKO expertise.

That does it for the Baldur’s Gate 3 Home of Hope dungeon. As soon as you permit, do not forget handy over the Gauntlets of Hill Large Energy to Helsik (assuming you made a cope with her beforehand).

Baldur’s Gate 3 is stuffed to the brim with actions and secrets and techniques. You will little question be a part of an journey that may take numerous hours to finish. For different ideas, you’ll be able to go to our BG3 guides hub.

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