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Astarion’s quest, A Pale Elf, reaches its climax throughout the third act of Baldur’s Gate 3. There, you may meet his creator, a vampire lord who’s out for energy. Our information discusses the Baldur’s Gate 3 Cazador’s Palace and Cazador’s Dungeon aims, in addition to the endings of this quest chain. Likewise, please bear in mind that this text accommodates spoilers.

How one can Clear Cazador’s Palace and Cazador’s Dungeon in Baldur’s Gate 3

The Baldur’s Gate 3 Cazador’s Palace goal is within the Decrease Metropolis. You will discover the doorway, the Szarr Palace South Tower, close to the Decrease Metropolis waypoint. The coordinates are X:-68; Y:-53.

Do observe that there is a camp occasion at night time the place a few of Cazador’s thralls try and kidnap Astarion, and you will have no alternative however to defeat them. The thralls that you simply defeat will merely vanish, although we do not know if this occasion has any bearing within the upcoming battle. In any case, enter the tower and move the dialogue checks to keep away from combating the guards. It is best to then end up in Cazador’s Palace.

The doorway to Cazador’s lair is close to the Decrease Metropolis waypoint.

How one can Open the Sinister Door in Cazador’s Palace

Our goal within the Baldur’s Gate 3 Cazador’s Palace is to unlock the Sinister Door. You want two issues:

  • Kozakuran Dictionary
    • Within the decrease space, there is a room with a corpse that emanates necrotic magic. Use Fly or Misty Step to keep away from taking injury, and test the dresser to get the Kozakuran Dictionary. Learn it with any character to memorize the mantra.
    • A chest on this room additionally has the Helmet of Grit – When you’ve got 50% HP or much less, you achieve yet another bonus motion; +1 Dexterity saving throw.
  • Szarr Household Ring
    • Additionally within the decrease space, you may discover a door to the kennels. Go the Notion test and speak to Godey the skeleton.
    • Succeed within the subsequent Charisma-based dialogue checks and he’ll provide the Szarr Household Ring.

Return to the Sinister Door and work together with it. Your character will routinely place the ring inside and recite the mantra. As soon as the door is unlocked, you may must battle a number of werewolves and their animal allies. After the bout, experience the elevator right down to the depths.

Try to minimize the necrotic damage that you take while attempting to get the Kozakuran Dictionary.
Attempt to reduce the necrotic injury that you simply take whereas making an attempt to get the Kozakuran Dictionary.

What to Do in Cazador’s Dungeon

The Baldur’s Gate 3 Cazador’s Dungeon solely has just a few chambers:

  • The one to the left may be unsealed by utilizing the Szarr Household Ring. You’ll be able to move the Knowledge checks to be taught in regards to the historic vampire, Velioth. You will additionally obtain a scroll that tells you of the ritual that Cazador is planning. It reveals that turning into a Vampire Ascendant may even trigger the deaths of seven,000 spawn.
  • In the primary hall, you may discover a doorway that results in a chasm. There’s one other path down beneath, however we propose avoiding it for now. That is since you’ll have a tough time getting again up, and the locked door has a DC30 test. Even in the event you open it, it will result in the sewers, and it may be a trouble to return to the dungeon.
  • Nonetheless, in the event you do take a look at the aforementioned spot later, you may discover the Pelorsun Blade – 8-18 piercing and radiant injury; assault rolls have benefit in opposition to undead; +1 weapon enchantment.
  • While you’re prepared, undergo the primary doorway within the preliminary hall. You will see a number of caged spawn, all of whom wish to be launched from everlasting servitude.
Don't bother using Feather Fall or Fly to get down, since it'll be a chore to get back up or to return to this dungeon from the sewers. Just focus on the boss in the main chamber for now.Don't bother using Feather Fall or Fly to get down, since it'll be a chore to get back up or to return to this dungeon from the sewers. Just focus on the boss in the main chamber for now.
Do not trouble utilizing Feather Fall or Fly to get down, since it will be a chore to get again up or to return to this dungeon from the sewers. Simply concentrate on the boss in the primary chamber for now.

Cazador Boss Struggle

The massive chamber past results in the Baldur’s Gate 3 Cazador boss combat. Make no mistake: this battle will probably be powerful in the event you simply try a straight up confrontation. That is why it is higher to do a little bit of cheesing. This is the gist:

  • The world is pretty small, and is in the midst of a chasm. You will battle not simply the boss, however his werewolf and bat minions.
  • A number of thralls are entrapped by way of magical runes. Cazador’s HP and necrotic injury are buffed whereas he is feeding on them.
  • The boss has Daylight Hypersensitivity, which implies he takes 20 radiant injury if he begins his flip in daylight. He additionally has a drawback on assault rolls and talent checks whereas underneath the solar’s glare.

With the above in thoughts, one of the best ways to beat Cazador is to ungroup your squad and ensure everyone seems to be stealthed. Then, solid the Daylight spell within the heart of the world. Cazador will get scorched, although he’ll additionally get healed for the reason that combat hasn’t began but.

Whereas he is sunlit, transfer a few of your characters with Thunderwave (or comparable variants) shut sufficient. Then, have one teammate blast and push them away. Do the identical to your different occasion members till most hostiles have been pushed off the sting.

Additionally, keep in mind that Cazador will lure Astarion and incapacitate him if he is inside “detection” vary. It may be attainable to stop that from taking place (i.e. maintain Astarion additional again whenever you begin the combat).

Cast Daylight in the middle of the arena to ensure the Cazador takes radiant damage throughout the battle.Cast Daylight in the middle of the arena to ensure the Cazador takes radiant damage throughout the battle.
Forged Daylight in the midst of the world to make sure the Cazador takes radiant injury all through the battle.

Dilemma and Endings: Ought to Astarion Change into a Vampire Ascendant

In any case, earlier than you deal the killing blow to Cazador, ensure you have a backup save. Cazador ought to vanish, because you’re simply combating his projection. His bodily kind is within the coffin in the midst of the world. A cutscene ought to play when you work together with it however, if that does not set off, you’ll be able to simply reload.

When you do get the cutscene, it is time to make an necessary alternative within the Baldur’s Gate 3 Cazador’s Dungeon arc. It includes how Astarion offers with unimaginable energy inside his grasp.

Astarion as a Vampire Ascendant will gain newfound powers.Astarion as a Vampire Ascendant will gain newfound powers.
Astarion as a Vampire Ascendant will achieve newfound powers.

Stop Astarion From Beginning the Ritual

Within the first set of dialogue responses, inform Astarion that going by means of with the ritual will trigger hundreds to die. Then, succeed within the Persuasion checks–i.e. “I do know you suppose this may set you free, nevertheless it will not.”

Astarion will perceive you utterly. He’ll repeatedly stab Cazador to free the opposite spawn, permitting them to have an opportunity at redemption. Cazador’s employees will probably be left on the bottom, and it’s also possible to determine on what to do with the caged thralls.

Let Astarion Full the Ritual

You’ll be able to proceed with the ritual by connecting your ideas with Astarion’s. He’ll carve the runic symbols on Cazador’s again and switch him into one of many conduits. In the course of the cutscene, you are prompted to decide on whether or not to let him full the ritual or to cease him for good.

If he completes the ritual, all of the spawn and thralls will burst into bloody bits. Astarion may even turn out to be a Vampire Ascendant. He’ll achieve the Ascendant Chew and Gaseous Type skills, in addition to bonus 1-10 necrotic injury for his assaults.

Interrupt Astarion within the Center of the Ritual

In the event you cease Astarion in the midst of the ritual, he will not prefer it, since he is already had a style of unmatched energy. He’ll get pissed off and assault you. You will haven’t any different alternative however to complete him off. Additionally, in contrast to the Minsc recruitment method, switching to non-lethal assaults will not change the end result. Knocking out Astarion is identical as killing him.

Alternatively, you can convince him not to be tempted with his lust for power.Alternatively, you can convince him not to be tempted with his lust for power.
Alternatively, you’ll be able to persuade him to not be tempted together with his lust for energy.

Quest Rewards

In your efforts, you may obtain the next goodies:

  • Woe – Added to your stock after the hunt, except you stopped Astarion in the midst of the ritual. Offers 3-19 bludgeoning and necrotic injury; +1 bonus to spell save DC and spell assault rolls; creatures affected by your spells that fail their saving throws will trigger you to get healed for 1-4 HP; +2 weapon enchantment; Blight spell.
  • Rhapsody – Looted from Cazador’s stays. Offers 7-14 piercing injury; +1 bonus to assault rolls, injury, and spell save DC for each creature you kill (most of +3); likelihood to inflict bleeding in the event you hit a creature when you’re hiding or invisible; +1 weapon enchantment.

The Gur Monster Hunters

As you are about to depart the dungeon, the Gur Tribe, a gaggle of monster hunters, will accost you. They’re in search of the youngsters that have been kidnapped by the vampires, and your group is the one one within the space. If Astarion accomplished the ritual, then they’re going to rightfully imagine that he is a monster. You’ll be able to both combat them or take out Astarion.

Conversely, in the event you interrupted Astarion’s ritual, thus killing him, then it is a completed deal. Lastly, in the event you persuade Astarion to not undergo with the ritual within the first place, then everybody can half peacefully.

Anyway, this completes all of the aims within the Cazador’s Palace and Cazador’s Dungeon areas in Baldur’s Gate 3. And, naturally, this concludes Astarion’s A Pale Elf quest chain.

Baldur’s Gate 3 is crammed to the brim with actions and secrets and techniques. You will little doubt be a part of an journey that may take numerous hours to finish. For different ideas, you’ll be able to go to our BG3 guides hub.

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