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Your Baldur’s Gate 3 takes you to many locations to carry out deeds: some heroic, some nefarious. Evidently, there are individuals who like what you have achieved, a lot in order that they’ve supplied to affix your trigger, all the best way to the very finish. Our information discusses the Baldur’s Gate 3 Collect Your Allies quest. We speak in regards to the characters and factions that can battle alongside you within the ultimate battle. Likewise, please remember that this text accommodates spoilers.

Tips on how to full Collect Your Allies in Baldur’s Gate 3

The Baldur’s Gate 3 Collect Your Allies quest begins in earnest when you study the true menace of the forces that you simply’re dealing with. From there, varied NPCs and teams will promise you their help down the road. You do must make key selections for that to occur.

Our Baldur’s Gate 3 Collect Your Allies information lists down those that we had been capable of unlock throughout our playthrough. We additionally be aware their respective makes use of within the climactic battle, which takes place after you full the Free Orpheus quest. This particular skill–“Name Forth Allies“–can be seen simply above the icons on your weapons in your motion bar. Utilizing it means that you can summon further models throughout fight. You have to hold them alive as, in any other case, their deaths would imply that you simply will not have the ability to summon them once more.

Keep in mind that this listing is not full. Though we have seen totally different outcomes for varied quests, however we weren’t capable of comply with a few of these branching paths as much as the finale.

Take a look at all the chums you have made alongside the best way.

Volo the Bard

  • Unlock methodology: Rescue Volo within the Goblin Camp throughout Act 1. He is in want of assist once more in Act 3, and you will find him within the southwestern portion of the Decrease Metropolis.
  • Summon: None – No motion wanted.

Battle-Prepared Owlbear and Dammon

  • Owlbear unlock methodology – Kill the Mama Owlbear within the collapse Act 1, however spare the Owlbear Cub. Rescue it and have it bear in mind your scent when you attain the Goblin Camp (i.e. it is being chased within the hen minigame). Later, in a camp scene, be sort and feed it when it approaches you.
  • Dammon unlock methodology – Dammon is within the Druid Grove, and he performs a pivotal position in Karlach’s romance/quest. You possibly can forestall his premature demise by saving the Tiefling refugees in Act 1 and guaranteeing that Isobel stays alive in Act 2.
  • Summon: Battle-Prepared Owlbear – Your Owlbear Cub is now fully-grown… and fully-armored.
  • Notice: We’re combining these two in a single entry. So far as we will inform, Dammon remarks that he is the one who outfitted the Owlbear Cub with plate armor. His survival is likely to be needed.

Barcus Wroot and Wulbren

  • Unlock methodology (wants affirmation): It can save you Barcus Wroot within the Blighted Village in Act 1. You then want to assist out the enslaved gnomes once you tackle True Soul Nere in Grymforge. Later in Act 2, speak to Barcus Wroot in Final Mild Inn, and be sure to rescue Wulbren in Moonrise Towers.
  • Summon: Unknown – Wants affirmation.
Armored Owlbear... 'nuff said.
Armored Owlbear… ’nuff stated.


  • Unlock methodology: Rescue Halsin within the Goblin Camp throughout Act 1, then fully recruit him by finishing his goals in Act 2.
  • Summon: None – He is an everyday social gathering member/companion.


  • Unlock methodology: You will encounter Counselor Florrick throughout Act 1 and a couple of. If she’s nonetheless alive come Act 3, she’ll be a captive in Wyrm’s Rock Jail. Head over there and break her out earlier than she’s executed.
  • Summon: Florrick’s Cohort – Excessive-defense Flaming Fist warriors that may maintain their very own in fight.


  • Unlock methodology: Ensure that Isobel stays alive all through Act 2:
  • Summon: Balm of the Moonmaiden – Isobel will restore 14-84 HP for as much as six allies. This potential can solely be used as soon as.


  • Unlock methodology: Free and spare Nightsong within the realm beneath the Gauntlet of Shar. Then, in Act 3, defend her in opposition to Lorroakan.
  • Summon: Sword of the Silverlight – Have Dame Aylin, the Aasimar Paladin, lay waste to the minions of darkness.


  • Unlock methodology: Save “Zariel’s Asset” within the Thoughts Flayer Colony on the finish of Act 2.
  • Summon: Mizora, Agent of Avernus – Rain down sorcerous magic with the opportunity of disintegrating enemies.

Bhaal’s Slayer

  • Unlock methodology: Begin out with the Dark Urge origin and defeat Orin the Red. When prompted, settle for your future as Bhaal’s Chosen. Alternatively, this may additionally work for a special origin, however you need to grow to be a Bhaal worshiper upon encountering Sarevok within the Murder Tribunal. We have but to verify if that is attainable.
  • Summon: Unknown – We did not proceed with this storyline department, as we had been following a “redemption arc” of kinds for the Darkish Urge. This path does grant you the Slayer Kind, and different helpful skills, even should you missed out on them throughout a pivotal second in Act 2.


Left: That is the primary time that Halsin has left the camp since Act 2; Proper: You really want to maintain Isobel alive.

Ulma and the Gur

  • Unlock methodology: Progress additional in Astarion’s arc and enter Cazador’s Dungeon. Make Astarion refuse the attract of vampiric ascendancy, and free the captive spawn. This prevents a battle from breaking out between your crew and Ulma’s group.
  • Summon: Gur Huntwardens – The Gur are skirmishers and ranged fighters that may hinder your foes.

Vampire Ascendant Astarion

  • Unlock methodology: In Cazador’s Dungeon, permit Astarion to finish the ritual to grow to be a Vampire Ascendant. Then, slay the Gur hunters that arrive.
  • Summon: Unknown – We did get this end result utilizing a backup save, however we did not comply with by all the best way to the finale. Nonetheless, Astarion, as an everyday companion, does acquire new skills as a Vampire Ascendant.

Inspector Valeria

  • Unlock methodology: Full the complete Homicide Thriller story arc in Act 3:
  • Summon: The Watch – You will have the help of nice weapon wielders.

Jaheira’s Harpers

  • Unlock methodology: Full Jaheira’s The Excessive Harper quest chain:
    • Naturally, you need to recruit Jaheira throughout Act 2.
    • Proceed onward and be sure to recruit Minsc in Act 3.
    • You additionally must keep away from conditions the place both of them would die or flip hostile. Examples embody Isobel dying and inflicting Final Mild to lose its blessing, unintentionally killing Minsc as a substitute of knocking him out, sacrificing Jaheira to Bhaal, or accepting Bhaal’s blessing and changing into his Chosen.
  • Summon: Silver Harp Squadron – Convey Jaheira’s elite archers to help your again ranks.


Left: Viconia will thanks for surrendering Shadowheart to Shar’s disciples; Proper: You could have been at odds with the Orthon earlier than, however Yurgir is all the time prepared for a battle.

Duke Ravengard


  • Unlock methodology: Throughout Act 3, full Helsik’s Ritual and enter the House of Hope. Your ultimate goal is to defeat Raphael. Nonetheless, earlier than you battle him, speak to Yurgir and go the DC30 examine to make him be a part of you briefly. After the bout, select the primary choice as your reply.
  • Summon: Hellstalker Yurgir – Name on this demonic Orthon who can flip invisible and strike outta nowhere.


  • Unlock methodology: Ensure that Nightsong survives Act 2. Then, in Act 3, betray her by handing her over to Lorroakan.
  • Summon: Unknown – Lorroakan guarantees the magical may of Ramazith’s Tower. We weren’t capable of examine the finale with this explicit department, however we’re guessing it is likely to be associated to his elementals and myrmidons.

Viconia DeVir

  • Unlock Methodology: Be certain that Shadowheart spares Nightsong in Act 2, then reply to her in a way that makes her go away Shar’s affect and embrace her Selunite origin. Then, proceed additional with the Sharran Lookout and House of Grief goals in Act 3. Upon reaching the inside sanctum, betray Shadowheart by giving her to the Sharran cultists.
  • Summon: Unknown – Viconia does say that you will have Shar’s devoted by your aspect.


  • Unlock methodology (wants affirmation): Have Shadowheart kill Nightsong in Act 2, which makes her totally embrace her dedication to Shar’s teachings. Then, within the Home of Grief, assist her attain her management place within the enclave.
  • Summon: Unknown – Maybe that is one other variant of Viconia’s summoned forces.

In any case, these are the Baldur’s Gate 3 Collect Your Allies characters that we all know of thus far. There is likely to be extra, so we’ll replace our information if want be.

Baldur’s Gate 3 is stuffed to the brim with actions and secrets and techniques. You will little doubt be a part of an journey that may take numerous hours to finish. For different ideas, you’ll be able to go to our BG3 guides hub.

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